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The Virginia Bishops: Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice: That’s the perfect description for the Episcopal bishops of Virginia, who continue to ignore Bob Malm’s perjury and other criminal conduct. I just sent an email to Bishop Taylor, calling him out on the diocese’s hypocrisy. He talks about not reverting to the past, yet the diocese remains staunchly committed to ignoring Bob Malm’s perjury… Read More »

Check it Out: My Mediation Proposal

Want to know what I included in my mediation proposal? Well, here it is. Having rejected the proposal, there will be no further discussions of mediation, settlement, a ceasefire, or anything of the sort. Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, perjuring priest Bob Malm, and the larger Episcopal church have made their decision. Now they need to live… Read More »

Press Release Calls for Boycott of Episcopal Church

A press release calling for a boycott of the Episcopal dioceses of Virginia and Massachusetts, and the larger Episcopal Church, is going out on Friday. The release calls on members who object to non-sexual abuse to withhold funding and worship elsewhere until the denomination takes responsibility for its conduct. An advance copy has been sent to the dioceses… Read More »