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Bickering With the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

One of my shortcomings in litigating the current conflict is I have a bad habit of wanting to give the Episcopal Church the opportunity to fix its misconduct. Given the extent of ethical challenges in the church, that’s a lot like trying to teach the proverbial pig to sing, but I keep trying. And so it is with… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Additional Complaint Filed Against Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, in a last-ditch effort to allow DioMass to resolve issues with perjuring priest Bob Malm before I resort to litigation, I filed a disciplinary complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm with that diocese. A copy of the complain is above; attached to it were Malm’s three lies about my mother contacting him. Am I sanguine that… Read More »

Update: Email to Attorneys and Criminal Complaints Against Perjuring Priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, I sent a reminder to the various attorneys represented perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Church, the clergy perjury parish. Here is my email: I’m also in the process of filing police reports and requesting criminal charges, both here in Virginia and in Massachusetts. Below is the sample of Bob Malm’s fabrications that I have… Read More »