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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

I’ve posted this before, but if you want to see what Grace Episcopal Alexandria is in a nutshell, this post is for you

The following comments are believed to have been posted by Lucy Medley, who at the time was a college-aged member of the parish. They are in response to a post in which I showed that someone, believed to be her mother, Lisa Medley, formerly a senior warden in the church, has posted details about confidential giving to the church on social messaging boards. 

True to form, Lisa has her details wrong. But more importantly, details of giving in the church are supposed to be confidential. The fact that Lisa thinks it’s okay to post these details on social media is a damning indictment of “leadership” and “ethics” at Grace Church.

And the fact that any human being can claim to be a Christian and urge others to commit suicide is a truly sorry testament to life at this toxic church. And for the record, what kind of sick &(%$ thinks this sort of thing is okay? Anyone who urges others to commit suicide is one sick, sorry individual, and you can quote me on that. There is something seriously lacking in any home where children grow up thinking this is okay. And there is something seriously sick about a church where this is okay.

For the record, I am glad to hear that “my name is mud in Alexandria.” If it’s people like this toxic, troubled individual or her family making these decisions, I certainly hope so. I have no desire to associate with someone so ethically troubled that they think this sort of thing is okay.

And I would be very careful about giving money to a church where Lisa Medley thinks it’s okay to publish details on social media. Feel free to quote me on that as well.