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St. Gabriel’s Marion Is Sued

I was recently reviewing the video from St. Gabriel’s, the church in Marion Massachusetts where perjuring priest Bob Malm serves as interim. The move was precipitated by my preparation to file lawsuits against Malm and the parish in Massachusetts for their defamation and abuse of process. In addition, server logs indicate that we had a visit on the blog earlier today from the good folks in Marion.

With that in mind, could someone please spare us from the stupidity of deacon Cathy Harper and her treacly, “We love you Bob,” routine?

Yes, perjuring priest Bob Malm can turn on the charm when he chooses to do so. But that doesn’t change the fact that Bob is a liar, a perjurer, and a bully.

So, if Cathy Harper thinks that these behaviors are okay, or that trying to drag a dying woman into court in violation of state law has anything to do with the Christian faith, then I suppose she is justified in her blind adoration of Bob. But turning a blind eye to Bob’s misconduct is itself misconduct, and Cathy does no one any favors when she conflates friendly with faithful.

Yes, perjuring priest Bob Malm talks a good game with his Jesus-babble about love and faith. But one only has to read his behind-the-scenes emails to see the real Bob, which has nothing to do with faith, Jesus, or Christianity.

As for perjuring priest Bob Malm’s gassing on about allegedly dragging family members into things, I have two words for him: Mom. Mike.

If what we have seen of Cathy Harper’s behavior is a reflection of the Christian faith, no thanks. She can keep it.