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Mom dying

As the various legal cases against perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Church move forward, I’d like to offer some food for thought on Bob Malm’s conduct and what it says about him.

Specifically, it is very common among bullies of every ilk when challenged to claim to be the victim.

That’s exactly what perjuring priest Bob Malm has done from early on in my conflict.

Indeed, recall that Bob and Sugarland Chiow declined my offer for a ceasefire when they thought they had the upper hand. Moreover, I asked for confidentiality, and they refused it.

Then, when I went public with their conduct, and people started to see Grace Episcopal Alexandria for the friendly but toxic mess that it is, they tried to reverse course and force me not to share my experiences.

That included perjuring priest Bob Malm’s facially ridiculous claims about being threatened, his lies under oath, and Sugarland Chiow’s inflammatory courtroom rhetoric and fabrications. In short, between that and the other childish and hateful behavior emerging from the church, we have seen just about every antic out there except for Christian conduct. (I’m particularly looking forward to the day when Sugarland’s kids find his pleadings online, read them, and draw their own conclusions about the Christian faith. Smooth move, Sugarland. Twenty bucks says your kids walk away from the church.)

So, as perjuring priest Bob Malm lies, even to his own congregants, with his claims that he’s been stalked and harassed, keep in mind that what you are really seeing is a stunning indictment of Bob Malm as a person and a priest.

And there is no more stunning indictment of perjuring priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal, Susan Goff, or the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia than Bob Malm’s lies under oath.

Speaking of, just how many times did Mom or someone claiming to be her set up appointments with Bob Malm?