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Earlier, I published the defamatory email from perjuring priest Bob Malm and Kelly Motormouth Gable. The email got pickup in a variety of online publications, including The Wartburg Watch.

But there’s value in reading the earlier parts of the email thread, including Kelly’s comment about how working at RPJ Housing felt like being a prisoner on work release.

That’s an interesting comment, since:

  1. Kelly was hired for the sole purpose of helping her out while fulfilling my board of director’s desire to get me a little help. Indeed, it was her mother who had told me that they needed the money, while Kelly left others with the impression that her divorce had left her financially comfortable. Meanwhile, Kelly had not held a job in several years.
  2. Most of the time, Kelly worked by herself at RPJ Housing’s offices, housed at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant at 2666 Military Road, Arlington. So her comments are both disingenuous and duplicitous.
  3. Kelly’s work performance was, at best, adequate.
  4. On multiple occasions, Kelly pulled stunts like not showing up for work, in one case leaving a disabled RPJ Housing resident in the lurch. Another time, she punched in for work from her home; the nonprofit’s online timekeeping system sent me an alert that she had not punched in from an office location, as determined by her IP address. When I brought the issue up, Kelly denied doing so, despite the fact that church staff verified that no one was at the RPJ Housing offices that day.
  5. Kelly tellingly omits the fact that she asked if she could stay on when I left the organization. If she hated it so much, why did she stay?
  6. To this day, I have never heard a good explanation for Kelly’s decision to try to take over my Facebook page using her access to the RPJ Housing email system. Why on this green earth she felt her actions were appropriate remains beyond me, and her conduct appears at best to be utterly erratic.
  7. Kelly’s work track record speaks for itself.

It’s also interesting to observe the interpersonal dynamics, including perjuring priest Bob Malm’s playing up to Kelly. Apropos the latter Kelly, famous for her noisy, disruptive jabbering in the narthex prior to services, is of all parishioners the least capable of defusing conflict. Moreover, her relationships with others do not appear to be healthy. I will leave it at that.

Of course, at the highest level, the email perfectly illustrates life behind the scenes at Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. And the fact that this sort of discourse is okay with perjuring priest Bob Malm, and the fact that he tries to manipulate the situation by lying to the bishop, speaks volumes to the fact that Grace Episcopal is a toxic church.