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Grace Episcopal Urges People to Commit Suicide

With motions court set for tomorrow, there’s an important reminder for Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish. Specifically, no matter what happens tomorrow, in the end the church cannot win. It will not win. There is no fact pattern in which it wins.

Indeed, if the court buys the church’s arguments tomorrow and dismisses my case, two things will happen:

  1. I will file an appeal.
  2. There will be that much more media coverage, both on this blog and via other outlets.

And if I lose on appeal, it will be just that much more to blog about.

The facts speak for themselves:

  1. Perjuring priest Bob Malm lied in writing to Bishop Shannon Johnston.
  2. Neither perjuring priest Bob Malm nor Kelly Motormouth Gable appear to have had the integrity to file a police report regarding their allegations of embezzlement, thus speaking to their underlying veracity.
  3. It is indisputable that the church tried to drag the dying woman into court.
  4. It is indisputable that Sugarland Chiow and perjuring priest Bob Malm made false statements of law and facts to the court.
  5. Bob Malm committed perjury when he stated under oath that Mom or someone claiming to be her contacted him repeatedly to set up appointments, only to cancel. The office volunteers have no record of any phone calls, and I am confident that neither the church nor Bob Malm will be able to produce emails, calendars, or any other evidence to support perjuring priest Bob Malm’s claim.
  6. The behind-the-scenes emails from Kelly Gable, Kemp Williams, Jean Reed and others are all public knowledge. Not only are they ugly examples of group-think, but there is zero evidence of any concern for Mom, Mike, or me.
  7. There is myriad evidence of the church’s childish and hateful behind-the-scenes culture, including Lisa Medley’s disclosure on social media of confidential giving, and people urging me to commit suicide.

Moreover, the church has nothing I want:

  • I don’t want to be part of a toxic church.
  • I don’t want to be friends with people who support a perjuring priest.
  • I am not going to find any spiritual growth in a church that tries to drag the dying into court.
  • I have zero tolerance for a church that bullies Mike.
  • I have even less than no tolerance for a church that bullies Mom as she is dying.
  • I have no patience for Sugarland Chiow and his courtroom fabrications and inflammatory rhetoric.
  • I have zero respect for Susan Goff and the rest of the hypocrites and losers at Mayo House.
  • I don’t want to be part of a denomination that thinks the only clergy misconduct that is actionable is that which involves criminal charges.

So the church had better hope that at some point we find enough common ground to decree a lasting ceasefire, for it continues to shed members and pledging units like fleas off a dog, and with good reason. That good reason is its own bad behavior and that of perjuring priest Bob Malm.

But as things stand, the church has absolutely nothing of interest to me and I have zero interest in backing down.

One final factoid that underscores the dilemma facing the church:

My great-grandfather was a well-known minister in Germany during World War II. In a sense he was lucky, for despite the economic ravages of the time, his position was funded by the American church.  And at a time when many feared speaking out against the Nazi party, my great-grandfather preached against the party, against Hitler, and against the atrocities of the regime. Each Sunday, every Sunday.

And every Sunday, he was taken away following services, to be interrogated by the Gestapo.

And sure enough, the following Sunday, the cycle repeated itself.

Finally, knowing that my great-grandfather was too prominent in the church to be jailed or murdered outright, he was conscripted and transferred to a part of the front that was collapsing in front of the advancing Soviet army. He was captured and is believed to have died in one of the so-called silent camps, although some records suggest he may have died in Paris after the war. To this day the details are unknown.

The upshot is I come by my stubbornness naturally.

I will not roll over for a bully like perjuring priest Bob Malm. Nor will I roll over for Sugarland Chiow, Kelly Motormouth Gable, and the other sycophants and enablers who think perjuring priest Bob Malm’s antics are okay.

If nothing else I can outlast Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish. And I can outlast perjuring priest Bob Malm’s lies, defamation, and other antics.

Of those facts one can be assured.