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Yesterday, the SBC released its long-awaited bombshell of a report about how the denomination responds to allegations of sexual abuse. The outrage is palpable, and yet not unexpected. And much of the behavior it describes fits DioVA to a T.

For instance, diocesan chancellor JP Causey has repeatedly told the bishops “not to get too involved,” with the result that the diocese refuses to follow church canons. The latter require a pastoral response any time a complaint is made to a Title IV intake officer. Yet the diocese has, time and again, refused to do so. Even when told that specific clergy behavior — like Bob Malm’s perjury, is illegal, they take a pass.

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is morally bankrupt

Similarly, DioVA likes to marginalize, demonize and shun those who complain. In my case, Susan Goff and the other asshats in Mayo House didn’t even bother to answer my when I told them that perjuring priest Bob Malm was trying to drag my mother, dying of COPD, into court. Sounds just like SBC.

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is morally bankrupt

And while the SBC voted to waive attorney-client privilege, DioVA, Susan Goff and Grace Church are still playing games, trying to avoid giving testimony in my lawsuit against perjuring priest Bob Malm. Indeed, they have one attorney, Matthew Youssef, whose only role is to try to prevent folks from giving testimony.

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is morally bankrupt

And right in the thick of things is attorney Wayne Cyron. Cyron cannot even pronounce his client’s name correctly, but he ludicrously asserts that he sees no evidence to Malm is a perjurer. Sounds to me like someone needs to spend some serious time in the confessional.

All the more reason to avoid the Episcopal Church.