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Jeff Chiow strikes again

Recently, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, listed its Sunday School teachers and youth program sponsors. Among those listed are three lowlifes/losers who have caused lasting damage to Grace Episcopal Church and its so-called ministry. These include:

  • Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow, a liar who has filed false police reports, proffered false statements of law and fact to the courts, tried to drag a dying woman into court, and more. Jeff’s invention of non-existent places in Texas for inclusion in his pleadings — like the town of “Sugarland,” and his equally fictitious church shooting in that town — lead me to question his ability to differentiate fact from fiction.
  • Alison “Fluffy” Campbell, a liar, bully and manipulative, girl games asshole who thinks it’s her prerogative to decide who gets to be a member of Grace Church.
  • Kelly “Motormouth” Gable, a liar, asshole, and possible alcoholic who goes around falsely stating that I have embezzled from a prior employer.

Meanwhile, Grace trots out the usual Jesus-babble about teaching people how to love each other, as well as the BS about becoming. Beloved Community.

Given the behavior of these three, and that of the church itself, there is no reason to get involved in Grace if you are sincere about your faith.