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Imagine if I sent an email to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney that said, “Here is how you will conduct your litigation.” He’d laugh, and rightly so. For that matter, you probably would too.

So imagine my reaction when Wayne instructed me that all requests for depositions, including to third parties not representing by Wayne, had to go through him. Once I got down laughing my backside off, I sent a reply pointing out that Wayne has zero authority to direct me to do anything.

As to his claim that Bob Malm didn’t attempt to subpoena my mother, that is pure, unadulterated, world without end BS. Wayne was indisputably Bob’s attorney. But if he wasn’t, then I want all papers in his possession, since they are by definition not attorney-client privileged.

Wayne really is a patronizing jackrabbit if he thinks he’s going to “direct” me to do anything.

Attorney Wayne Cyron is a buffoon

Attorney Wayne Cyron is a buffoon