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I call BS on Anne Turner

For the record, I like Anne Turner. But I am calling BS on something she recently said.

In a piece on regathering and the importance of respecting different needs and approaches to pandemic safety, Anne stated that “Grace is a deeply loving place.”

Anne Turner Lied

Anne Turner Lied

While I appreciate the need to be positive, Grace is NOT a deeply loving place. Deeply loving places place love first. They don’t shun someone because they ordered the wrong flowers for the altar, made blue altar guild smocks optional, or did something that the altar guild doesn’t like. They don’t drag the dying into court. They don’t commit perjury. They don’t refer to fellow Christians as “domestic terrorists.” And they don’t force someone like Mike out of the church.

Moreover, when they do something wrong, they have the balls to admit it, to accept responsibility, to make restitution, and to repent. They don’t try to defend their conduct in court with still more lies. Nor do they reject offers of mediation.

Sorry, Anne—Grace is friendly, but it is anything but loving.