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Bob Malm, perjuring priest

As I have told Kemp Williams, who purports to be able to diagnose mental illness in situations in which licensed mental health professionals cannot, it is not possible or ethical for experts to assess mental health without meeting with a person. It therefore is not possible to know for certain if Bob Malm is mentally ill. That said, I strongly suspect that Bob suffers from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and anti-social personality disorder (ASPD).

Take a look at the following criteria:


  • Excessive need for admiration
  • Disregard for others’ feelings
  • An inability to handle any criticism
  • A sense of entitlement


  • Disregard for right and wrong
  • Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
  • Being callous, cynical and disrespectful of others
  • Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure
  • Arrogance, a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated
  • Recurring problems with the law, including criminal behavior
  • Repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty
  • Impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead
  • Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, aggression or violence
  • Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others
  • Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behavior with no regard for the safety of self or others
  • Poor or abusive relationships
  • Failure to consider the negative consequences of behavior or learn from them
  • Being consistently irresponsible and repeatedly failing to fulfill work or financial obligations

Given Bob Malm’s repeated perjury, his lack of concern over his conduct towards Mike and others, my conclusion — as yet unproven — is that Bob Malm indeed is mentally ill.