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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Earlier today, I sent an email to mental health expert Kemp Williams. Kemp, a member of Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, is not only a linguistics expert, but he is one of the world’s leading mental health experts. Indeed, while other mental health professionals require an in-person meeting in order to make a diagnosis, Kemp suffers no such constraints.


One of the things that has come up during litigation is your propensity to opine on your views of other’s mental health. Similarly, Kelly’s defamatory email in which she accused me of embezzlement has come to light, despite the fact that, curiously enough, it was not provided during Bob’s initial lawsuit against me. Something about “spoliation of evidence.”


With that in mind, I am confident that you will share your views with equal alacrity over Bob’s lie to bishop Shannon Johnston, which is set forth in the attached email. Specifically, he claims that the issues with Kelly, and her attempt to take over my Facebook account, occurred prior to my arrival at Grace Church. As you know, that is a lie, as I hired Kelly while both a parishioner and serving as executive director of RPJ Housing.


Given your ability to assess the mental health of others — an ability that transcends that of mental health professionals, who require an in-person meeting to offer a diagnosis — no doubt you will be able to speak at length about these “burning questions.” Indeed, given Kelly’s failure to put her money where her mouth is and pursue criminal charges over my purported embezzlement, no doubt you will be able to offer a diagnosis of this situation as well.


What is your diagnosis of Bob’s conduct?  Kelly’s conduct? Psychopathy? Sociopathy?


We eagerly await your expert diagnosis.


For your reference, I’ve attached your earlier comments.


Eric Bonetti
Grace Episcopal Alexandria