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Bad Neighbors: Jim and Mary Wood

Today brought something entirely different — a day spent protesting at 1003 Duke Street. And no, I wasn’t even protesting abusive behavior in the Episcopal Church. That address is where Jim and Mary Wood live. They allegedly have engaged in a pattern and practice of abusive behavior towards neighbors Kyle Metz and Leo Liu Metz. a married same-sex… Read More »

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Ignores Environmental Concerns and Neighbors, Announces Plans to Build House in Wetlands Area

Perjuring priest Bob Malm, whose wife Leslie was sued not that many years ago for failing to pay her kids’ dental bills, is building a new home on land long owned by his family in Mattapoisett Massachusetts. In doing so, Malm has drawn vociferous objections from neighbors due to the site’s location, which abuts sensitive wetlands. As a… Read More »

Grace Continues to Defer Maintenance, Fails to Understand Implications

A quick look at the Grace Church property makes clear that the church continues to defer both preventive maintenance and emerging maintenance needs. These factors, combined with ignoring opportunities to implement costs-saving upgrades, spells bad news for the parish’s long-term finances. In addition, the shabby appearance of the church sends an uninviting message to prospective members. Easy Fixes… Read More »

Outdoor Services Means In-Person Protests

Over the past few months, most of my protesting has been at major intersections in Alexandria, particularly Dysfunction Junction, which perjuring priest Bob Malm named in honor of his 30 years as Grace Church’s rector. But now, with the really dumb decision to resume outdoor worship, there’s an added draw on Sundays for me, which is protest outside… Read More »