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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Grace Episcopal Alexandria is dying. That’s the inevitable conclusion after looking at both in-person and virtual attendance at this year’s Christmas services.

Numbers were, of course, affected by the explosive growth of COVID cases in the region. Many, wisely, made the decision not to put others at risk by staying home, versus attending live services.

But even when looking at the aggregate numbers for in-person and online attendance, one thing is clear: People simply aren’t interested. Even Midnight Mass, traditionally jammed to the rafters, only pulled in about 136 people total.

Midnight Mass, Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Midnight mass

Increasingly, Grace is supported by the stalwarts, who are prepared to overlook Bob Malm’s perjury, Sugarland Chiow’s fabrications, the decision to try to drag my dying mother into court, and the church’s decision to continue our conflict, versus engaging in mediation. Thus, we see clueless individuals like Mary Stewart, Sugarland Chiow, Kemp Williams, Lisa Medley, Mike Jones, and Alison “Fluffy” Campbell turning out, oblivious to the larger ethical implications of their support for a morally bankrupt organization.

But many more have walked away, and pulled the plug on funding this dying monument to the egos of idiots like perjuring priest Bob Malm. That’s not surprising, when Sugarland and Malm can’t even adhere to basics, like the Ten Commandments.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Christmas Day

Christmas Day