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Grace Continues In-Person Services Even As Pandemic Rages

There’s an inconvenient truth out there, and it’s not just that Bob Malm is a perjurer. The truth is that the pandemic is raging in Alexandria and in fact ticking upward. Thus, it’s stupid for Grace to hold in-person services and loosen restrictions, particularly in light of the aging demographics of the parish. Here’s the latest data on… Read More »

Grace Continues Plans for Shrine Mont, Even as Projections Show Record Numbers of COVID Cases

The Virginia Department of Health, working in conjunction with experts at UVA, have released updated models that examine the effect of the Delta variant. The news is grim. In a nutshell, the only scenario in which we don’t face disaster is one involving consistent wearing of masks and social distancing. But even with a hypothetical uptick in vaccinations… Read More »

Barack Obama Cancels Star-Studded Birthday Party Due to COVID, But Grace Continues Plans for Shrine Mont

Want proof of just how narcissistic and clueless Grace Episcopal Alexandria is? If so, just take a look at the news that Barack Obama has canceled his 60th birthday party, a planned star-studded affair that was supposed to be held on Martha’s Vineyard. Yet Grace Episcopal, which likes to believe that it’s special, continues to promote Shrine… Read More »

Risk Of COVID-19 Very High in Alexandria, Even as Grace Church Begins Reopening

Cases of COVID-19 in Alexandria remain high, and are increasing, even as Grace Episcopal Alexandria makes the foolish decision to reopen. Data showing a very high risk of COVID-19 infection in the city comes from the New York Times, which currently shows the following visual of infections and risk. To be fair, that’s better than even just a… Read More »