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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Ignores COVID surge

Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, is ignoring the surging spread of COVID. It holds in-person worship even as new infections skyrocket.

Per the Centers for Disease Control, seven-day transmission rates in excess of 100 cases per hundred thousand people place a community in the highest risk category.

Per recent numbers from the City of Alexandria, new cases are 150 per hundred thousand.

Thus, the City is in the very highest risk category. Fortunately, high vaccination rates in the city are limiting the number of hospitalizations.

Given the average age within the parish, and the high number of pre-existing conditions, in-person services should have ended several days ago.

There is no excuse for waiting until a vestry or executive committee meeting.

Nor is this the first time Grace has been stupid about COVID. For example, I previously posted about the decision to hold Shrine Mont — a remarkably dumb idea in the middle of a pandemic.