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Jeffery Chiow

You have to hand it to the denizens of Planet Malm. They truly have no shame.

Recently, in support of the annual pledge campaign, we have a testimonial video from the Chiow family. And while they bloviate about the importance of giving, conspicuously absent is any mention of Sugarland’s misconduct, including:

  • Repeatedly offering false statements of law and fact to the courts, including telling the court that I never served as a police officer and never was licensed to practice law.
  • Referring to other Christians as “domestic terrorists.”
  • Concealing evidence adverse to perjuring priest Bob Malm, including Kelly Gable’s defamatory email accusing me of embezzlement.
  • Trying to drag my mother, then dying of COPD, into court in violation of state law.
  • Making up fake places and events, including an imaginary church shoot in the equally fictitious town of “Sugarland Texas.”
  • Supporting Bob Malm’s lies and perjury.
  • Filing a knowingly false police report against me, in which Sugarland falsely claimed that I “stalked” him.

So, I encourage folks to consider Jeff Chiow’s testimonial carefully before giving to Grace Episcopal church.

If that is Grace’s idea of Christianity, no thanks. You can keep it.

You can see Sugarland’s video here: