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Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow Weighs in on Stewardship

You have to hand it to the denizens of Planet Malm. They truly have no shame. Recently, in support of the annual pledge campaign, we have a testimonial video from the Chiow family. And while they bloviate about the importance of giving, conspicuously absent is any mention of Sugarland’s misconduct, including: Repeatedly offering false statements of law and… Read More »

New Website Warns of Alleged Child Predator

There’s a new website in town, and this one warns parents of an alleged child predator at Grace Episcopal Church, who I believe has boundary issues with little girls. While I do not have first-hand knowledge of the truth or falsity of these claims, my source is reliable and the allegations have been confirmed by a member of… Read More »

Grace Episcopal School Alexandria: Email to Patti Culbreth

In a recent bit of agitprop on behalf of Grace Episcopal School, there was a very true statement, which is that “school leader embody the ethos of the community.” And that is nowhere more true than in the case of Patti Culbreth, who appears unable or unwilling to persuade parents at the school to stop engaging in threatening… Read More »