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Bob Malm, perjuring priest

Lots going on these days.

Travel-wise, I am back in Northern Virginia after 10 days away. Truly, it’s good to be back, and I have enjoyed sleeping in.

On other fronts, my appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit was denied, and I am in the process of sending paperwork to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney in Massachusetts regarding my lawsuit against him there.

Later today, I will be leafleting another area in Del Ray, and I plan to protest outside the Immanuel-on-the-Hill pumpkin patch later this week.

Most importantly, at the urging of friends, including Dee Parsons and others, I have offered to go to mediation with perjuring priest Bob Malm, the two dioceses, Grace Church and others. Out of respect for the process, I am not going to publish details just yet, but my proposal is long on accountability and transformative change, and short on requests for apologies. In other words, no cheap grace need apply. (I get tired of the notion within the Episcopal church that you can say and do whatever you want, apologize, and you’re good to go. That is not how it works and that is not Christianity.)

I’m not prepared to offer any predictions, as Bob Malm is a liar and manipulator of the first order, and the diocese is clueless.

The only thing I can say is absent a successful outcome, I will continue to stand up to Bob Malm and his bullying/manipulation, and that of the Episcopal Church. That includes plans later this year to protest outside the church where Bob Malm now serves. And a number of friends will be joining me, so Bob will now have to claim that they are all threatening him when he tries his usual antics of lying to the courts.

Given that perjuring priest Bob Malm is now 70, he needs to think about whether he, the churches he purports to serve, and his family want to spend the rest of their lives in conflict. If nothing else, I will outlast him.

PS The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has finally gotten around to complying with its own canons regarding Title IV intake officers. There now are several, including one person whom I highly respect.