Diocese of Virginia Violates its Own Canons

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Want to see how seriously the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia takes Title IV? Leaving aside its holding in the matter of perjuring priest Bob Malm, which is that it’s not even worth looking into perjury, it doesn’t even follow its own canons.

Here’s what the canons say about Title IV intake officers:

Section 4. Intake Officers. The Intake Officers shall be appointed from time to time by the Bishop after consultation with the Disciplinary Board. The Bishop shall appoint at least two Intake Officers according to the needs of the Diocese, with at least one male and one female. The Bishop shall publish the names and contact information of the Intake Officers throughout the Diocese.

But there is only one intake officer, Sven vanBaar — an intelligent but morally utterly bankrupt priest who is so arrogant as to think he might even be a bishop some day. No female intake officer. No second intake officer. And may God save the diocese unfortunate enough to land Sven as a bishop.

Clearly, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about clergy discipline.