Grace Continues In-Person Services Even As Pandemic Rages

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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Ignores High Levels of COVID

There’s an inconvenient truth out there, and it’s not just that Bob Malm is a perjurer. The truth is that the pandemic is raging in Alexandria and in fact ticking upward. Thus, it’s stupid for Grace to hold in-person services and loosen restrictions, particularly in light of the aging demographics of the parish.

Here’s the latest data on COVID-19 transmission rates. As you can see, they are well into the highest category, with a 110 person per hundred thousand transmission rate. Thus, the byword of the day should be virtual services only, with the possible exception of outdoors. Personally, I would not even encourage the latter, as the Delta variant is so transmissible. As one physician describes it, “Think of cigarette smoke. If you are close enough that you would smell it were that person smoking, you’re close enough to be infected.”

I have just one word for Grace church right now: stupid.