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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Dying in the Dark

Lights out at Grace Episcopal AlexandriaI recently was in Del Ray at night for the first time in a long time and drove by Grace. In a nutshell, it looks like hell and discourages visitors.

Not only are the HID post lamps out near the new narthex, but about half the parking lot HIDs are out. Additionally, the front sign is no longer lit, and the low-voltage lighting for the Russell Road side of the church no longer works. The photoelectric cells remain inoperable on the LED can lights at the lower entrance and the floodlights outside the library, so they are on 24/7, wasting energy. (HID lights were state-of-the-art in 1994, but are now considered hugely energy inefficient. For a total investment of a few thousand dollars, they should all be replaced with LEDs.)

I can even say with near-certainty what is causing the outage of the HID lights near the new narthex. Specifically, it’s the broken LED floodlight on the front sign. When some ding-a-ling ran it over with the lawnmower, that severed the circuit, which includes the HID lights.

The fact that between Sugarland Chiow, Eric Waskowiscz, Alison “Fluffy” Campbell (who is a project manager by profession) and the rest of the junior wardens since 2014 can’t even manage simple tasks like keeping the lights on outside the church suggests that 1) This is a profoundly incompetent church organizationally, 2) This is a church that has no clue about how to market itself to the outside world, 3) This is a church that is planning to die.