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Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Offered Chance to Explain His Lies

Some time ago, I received a copy of a defamatory email, in which perjuring priest Bob Malm accuses me of embezzlement. Even better, he lies to bishop Shannon Johnston, falsely claiming that my issues with Kelly Motormouth Gable occurred before coming to Grace Church. Tellingly, perjuring priest Bob Malm did not provide this email, despite being expressly within… Read More »

Check it Out: Preliminary Brief, US Court of Appeals

Earlier today, I filed my preliminary brief with the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Because I’m pro se, it’s intentionally a casual filing. Depending on how this goes, I can file for reconsideration or a hearing en banc. From there, the next stop would be seeking a writ of certiorari with the US Supreme Court. On a… Read More »