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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Early conversations are underway with perjuring priest Bob Malm about going to mediation in the hopes of resolving our conflict. While I am pleased to report the news, I am dubious about the possibility of a negotiated settlement.


There are multiple reasons, but the biggest is that perjuring priest Bob Malm continues the fun and games, including portraying himself as the victim. That’s pretty rich, given that our conflict had its genesis in my request to the diocese to — you guessed it —mediate my dispute with perjuring priest Bob Malm. Not only did the diocese decline the request, but as Bob Malm said afterwards, “When someone does something to me, I do something to them.”  For the record, both Bishop Shannon Johnston and Pat Wingo witnessed perjuring priest Bob Malm’ comment.

How’s that for Christian?

Relatedly, that raises the challenge that Bob Malm is a Christian in name only. Christians are called to bring light to darkness. Real repentance requires a willingness to accept the consequences of one’s actions. Yet perjuring priest Bob Malm seems incapable of telling the truth or being accountable. Instead, Bob inevitably tries to charm bomb and manipulate his way out of things.

Then there is the issue of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s flying monkeys. Bob likes to recruit others to act as his mercenaries, often resulting in people doing unethical things—like Sugarland Chiow’s lies to the courts, his inflammatory rhetoric, and his imaginary church shootings in non-existent towns in Texas.

The problem is that Bob likely wants the mess involving Grace Church and the diocese to go away, but as far as I can tell, he has no authority to settle issues on behalf of the diocese or the parish. Nor can he be in contact with the parish. Yet I guarantee I am not walking away from Kelly Motormouth Gable’s defamation, Kemp Williams’s gossip, or Sugarland’s misconduct. Thus, any settlement — if there is one at all — likely will be limited in scope.

Nor can either side control others. Kelly will continue to flap her gums, Kemp will continue to gossip, and Alison Campbell & the Princess Porcine will continue to be bullies/hypocrites. Similarly there are still plenty of folks on my side who loathe perjuring priest Bob Malm and have no compunction about sharing their views. Which is okay, as Grace is not exactly bubbling over with love for me these days.

It’s also worth noting that, early in our conflict, I offered to resolve our conflict for nothing more than perjuring priest Bob Malm’s written assurance that he would leave me and Mike alone, adding that if he did not, I would file suit. Through Sugarland Chiow, he declined that offer, so he got exactly what he wanted. Of course, at that time perjuring priest Bob Malm and Sugarland thought they would get the upper hand — a remarkably stupid notion for anyone who knows me, or understands the deleterious effects of litigation on churches, or has seen the ugly behavior that goes on at Grace Church.

At the end of the day, a badly handled clergy disciplinary case almost always causes irreparable reputations harm to all involved, and this is no exception. In short, it may well be that we are seeing Grace Episcopal, the clergy perjury parish, move into its final years of life thanks to perjuring priest Bob Malm.