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Michelle Cox, clueless jackass

When it comes to clergy discipline, there’s a saying among judicatories in the Episcopal Church: If it can’t be conceived it can’t be perceived. In that regard, Michelle Cox has managed to make a world-class jackass of herself with a review in which she claims that Bob Malm is a “very fine priest and of the highest character.” In that regard, I am calling Michelle out.

For the record, “very fine priests” don’t serve for 30 years without the finance manual required by church canon. “Very fine priests” don’t:

  • Tolerate bullies and hoarders among church staff.
  • Lie to vestry members and tell them not to worry about HR issues in the church office on the basis the staff “will be retiring this year.”
  • Bully dying people.
  • Force people out of church, causing them to leave the Christian faith altogether.
  • Demand a compensation package totaling 1/5 of the church’s annual budget.
  • Spend 11 weeks out of town when not authorized by their contract or the vestry.
  • Lie to their bishops.
  • Engage in criminal conduct, including perjury.

Narcissists like perjuring priest Bob Malm crave adulation, and tell people things they want to hear. They dispense smiles and hugs as a way to get what they want. Their friendliness is not the same as faithfulness.

The fact that Michelle doesn’t know the difference, and isn’t willing to look facts in the eye, bespeak a clueless jackass. And if she doubts what I have to say is true, all she has to do is ask Bob Malm for ANY proof that my mother or someone purporting to be her contacted Malm even once for an appointment. But Michelle doesn’t have the integrity to do that; she prefers to run her mouth without knowing what she is talking about.

As to her claims about Grace being spirit-filled, the only spirits involved show up for Shrine Mont at the scotch tasting. Or in Leslie Steffensen’s imagination when she spews her delusional drivel about seeing ghosts in the church.

Let me be very clear: Bob Malm is a perjurer, and Michelle is a clueless jackass. And Michelle would be well advised to remember the old adage: Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.