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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

My conflict with perjuring priest Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Alexandria is long and convoluted, so it can be hard to follow. There’s also a lot of information on this blog.

So, in a nutshell:

  • This blog is about the abuse of power, including perjury, by Bob Malm, former rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria.
    • That includes:
      • Multiple perjurious statements to the police.
      • Perjury aka lying under oath.
      • Witness tampering.
      • Trying to drag my mother, whom he know to be dying, into court for depositions in violation of state law,
      • Spoliation of evidence, aka hiding evidence adverse to him.
  • This blog also criticizes all those who have aided, abetted, and covered up Bob Malm’s abusive and illegal activity.
    • That includes:
      • Bishop Shannon Johnston.
      • Bishop Susan Goff.
      • Bishop Alan Gates.
      • Intake officer Sven vanBaar
      • Melissa Hollerith
      • Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
      • The Grace Episcopal vestry
      • Jeffery Chiow.
  • Have questions or you’re a reporter? Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch.