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Jeffery Chiow disciplinary complaint

Earlier today, I filed an additional attorney disciplinary complaint against Jeffery Chiow, who represented Grace Episcopal Alexandria and perjuring priest Bob Malm is the original litigation with me.

In my complaint, I allege that Chiow, whose moniker is “Sugarland,” due to his invention, in his legal pleadings. of this mythical town in Texas (not to be confused with Sugar Land, which really does exist) and an equally fictitious church shooting in the former, tried to:

  1. Redact documents in order to change their meaning.
  2. Conceal the fact that perjuring priest Bob Malm improperly disclosed details of my disciplinary complaint to Jeff Aaron, among others.

I further allege that, had Sugarland not concealed this evidence, I would have used it to impeach Malm’s testimony, and to file a further disciplinary complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm. These actions, I believe, violate disciplinary rule 3.4 (fairness to opposition).

The three screen caps include my complaint, as well as the redacted and unredacted versions of Sugarland Chiow’s discovery responses.

What a tangled web we weave, when first our churches practice to deceive.

Jeffery Chiow disciplinary complaint