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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Earlier today, I traded emails with Wayne Cyron, the attorney representing perjuring priest Bob Malm and his daughter Lindsey. A couple of issues of note:

  • I have asked Wayne to remind Lindsey that this blog is not available to her. Her continuing efforts to access it constitiute computer trespass under state law, and I am prepared to take legal action if she continues to try to access it.
  • It is deeply concerning to me that I continue to unearth items that Sugarland Chiow withheld during discovery. This is a serious legal matter, a likely violation of Rules 3.3  and 3.4 (meaning that Sugarland’s license to practice law may be in jeopardy) and itself grounds for a successful abuse of process case. In an effort to get an explanation, I have asked Wayne if Bob would like to proffer a reason these documents were withheld, although I suspect that Bob will revert to type and claim that “my attorney handled this.”
  • Wayne again indicated he would like to request a protective order for his discovery responses. Since the standard to obtain that is quite high, my response was simple, which was “Go for it,” and to suggest that he file a motion with the court.

Meanwhile, we should be seeing the subpoena to Grace Church this week. It will be interesting to see the church’s “proof” of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s claim that Mom contacted him repeatedly.