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Perjuring priest Bob Malm

Earlier today, I received the long-awaited discovery responses from Lindsey Malm Anders in my lawsuit against her.

I’ll have more on this over time, but several noteworthy developments:

  • The documents reveal that perjuring priest Bob Malm withheld documents during initial discovery. Nor is this the first time — he also withheld the defamatory email involving Kelly Gable. Thus, we have another improper act during the initial lawsuit.
  • In at least one instance, perjuring priest Bob Malm makes a statement against interest.
  • In one case, perjuring priest Bob Malm lies to his own children, claiming that the iron handrailings in front of his home, installed following his 2014 accident, used up his entire purse the parish took up for him after following his accident. That’s a facially obvious fabrication, as his purse totaled well over $22,000, while the railings were less than $4,000. Devaluation phase, anyone?

Typical perjuring priest Bob Malm.