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Thomas Ranier, who writes about change management in churches, likes to say that one of the signs of a dying church is that everyone is in charge, and no one’s in charge.

For many years, that was the modus operandi of life under perjuring priest Bob Malm, who would only bestir himself from golf, jogging, and trips to the beach if someone crossed him personally.

But this Christmas, things seem especially bad at Grace, as no one appears to be doing anything to let folks know about virtual Christmas services at the parish


Here is Grace Episcopal’s website:


Christmas Eve. Office closed. Check.

Christmas Day. Office closed. Check.

Christmas Day. Food pantry. Doubtful.

No mention of how to celebrate the birth of Jesus, even if it’s online.


Now, take a look at the National Cathedral’s homepage:

Doors closed. Check.

Virtual services. Check.

List of services. Check.

Means to sign up for services. Check.

Grace Episcopal Alexandria really needs to get with the program. Or at least have one.