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Even as Grace Episcopal Alexandria gears up to expand its streaming offerings, it continues to hew to its old ways. That includes its lackadaisical approach to communication.

As I posted previously, parish email distribution lists for practical purposes are not available to non-members. That is compounded by the fact that outdoor services are not open to the public — one must sign up in advance, and information is no longer readily available on the website on how to go about signing up. In other words, contrary to Jesus’ teachings, outdoor services to date are reserved for those in the know.

Now, as the diocese again shuts down outdoor services, the parish’s website adds another layer of confusion by stating that all indoor services are canceled. Thus, it leaves open the possibility of outdoor services.

But the new diocesan policy allows for only two possible outdoor services after today— this Christmas Eve, and this Christmas. And the diocese recognizes, quite rightly, that even outdoor worship is quite risky just now and strongly recommends against even outdoor services on those days.

With so many people working from home, and the number of people on the web team, how much effort does it take to reflect the fact that, going forward, services are all virtual?

Speaking of, since non-members are not added to the church’s email distribution lists, with just 12 days to go it might be nice for the church to let folks know what’s available for Christmas. That’s especially the case since many Christmas and Easter Christians won’t have access to the emails reserved for the nomenklatura and apparatchiks.

In a day and age of near-instantaneous communication, Grace cannot even keep its website current.

So much for invite, welcome, connect.