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More than a month before Dysfunctional Bob’s farewell, I requested a police detail while out protesting. Such details are routinely provided to protesters.

I was ignored for four weeks, despite:
– Two emails to Sgt. Nick Lions
– Three phone calls to Nick Lions.
– One email to the city manager.
– Two emails to Sgt. Patricio Alvarez.
Meanwhile, contrary to Sgt. Alvarez’s written assertions to other police officials, I had learned from the police department that a detail already had been approved for the church. Tellingly, records of that request were improperly omitted from my subsequent FOIA request.
Finally, I filed a biased policing complaint, alleging that I am entitled to the same police services as any other citizen. At that point, the city backtracked and pulled the church’s detail, saying instead it would generally provide officers in the area during Dysfunctional Bob’s farewell. 
Subsequently, I filed my FOIA request, only to receive written confirmation that SGT Alvarez WAS trying to engage in biased policing. 
In his email below, he cites his concern that providing me a detail would be seen as helping me violate the current protective order. 
That raises the question: SGT Alvarez is a bright guy. I’ve spoken to him directly. So how does having a police presence at a protest have anything to do with Bob Malm’s false claims he’s been threatened? Moreover, for the record, Alvarez’s assertion that the police department had not told me about Grace’s security is a bold-faced lie and an effort to cover his sorry butt. Alvarez himself is the person who told me that, and he did so during a phone conversation on his city-issued phone. And I an happy to supply my phone records to prove it.
It is a sorry state of affairs when a SGT in the police department:
1. Does not understand First Amendment rights and falsely suggests that exercising that right somehow threatens someone
2. Does not understand the need to keep security details confidential.
3. Lies to fellow officers to cover his ass.
4. Apparently serves as part of the department’s internal affairs unit.
Next up: Bob Malm email to Bishop Goff.