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Photo taken summer 2013 of a vesting room window that hadn’t been cleaned in 4 years; the date on the Easter Vigil bulletin confirms this.
I sent this to both Bob Malm and the parish admin. The latter said she wasn’t sure that anyone cleans the vesting rooms. Bob Malm didn’t bother to respond.
On a related note, the existing double condensing boilers were not properly maintained following Mike Hix’s death, with the water line additive that prevents premature corrosion of the boilers allowed to run out. Additionally, the HVAC maintenance company that serviced the building until 2013 didn’t even do commercial properties and had no idea how to use the building control system, while Chris Byrnes repeatedly screwed the system up by manually opening and closing HVAC valves operated by the building control system. Does the word “cluster,” come to mind?
Your pledges at work!