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Late next week, I plan to release a very special treat for readers: Body cam footage. That’s right—your chance to see the good christians of Grace Church yelling the f bomb, flipping me the finger, and more. And yes, I include names and license plate photos. And yes, it is legal to film in a public arena, before you ask. Speaking of, I have a couple of juicy audio recordings of key people dropping the f bomb, lying and more. (Virginia is a one-party consent jurisdiction, before folks go running to Sugarland. And yes, I or another relevant party consented in all cases.)

Nor is Grace Episcopal School (GES) excluded. In fact, some of my best footage comes from GES parents. Release of this will be delayed for a few weeks while I work on my unofficial “Begin With Grace” video. Depending on how busy the next few months are, I may also do a “God’s Grace for All,” video about the church. But all this depends on several variables beyond my control.
So, not only will those be posted in a special gallery, but they’ll be out on social media, for all the world to see. Folks from Bill Eckel to Amy Medrick, and several more.
Fun times on Planet Malm!