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Mike sent this email as a result of two events: The deliberate and illegal misuse of the flowers he donated in memory of his mother, which was done based on Bob Malm’s directions (and confirmed by Lisa Doelp) and Amy Medrick’s email telling Mike that the church would no longer accept his donations.

Predictably enough, the St. Dysfunction vestry didn’t even have the decency to respond. 

So, next time you hear the BS about Grace Church being a “center for healing and outreach,” you can know that this is a lie, pure and simple.

Also attached is the Fairfax County Office of Consumer Protection printout reflecting its decision on our behalf regarding the misuse of our funds.

As a result of Bob Malm’s actions, Grace Church is the only church with a successful Fairfax County consumer protection complaint against it. And, as a result of Bob’s decision to include Mike in his vendetta, I’m not sympathetic when people argue that Bob’s family should be immune from criticism.

Lastly, Bob still hasn’t learned jack diddly from all this, as he and Sugarland Chiow still think they can bully me into silence.