More on Grace Episcopal Church and Defamatory Accusations of Collusion

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In an earlier post, an individual connected with Grace Episcopal Church suggested that I collaborated with the HVAC vendor during my time as junior warden. A copy of the post is included with this post. Such remarks are stupid, mean-spirited, defamatory, and illustrate just how very toxic St. Dysfunction is.

Several points:

  1. That is a remarkably ugly thing to say given the sorry condition of the HVAC systems at the church, the lack of preventive maintenance (including treating the water on the closed loop, a necessity when operating aluminum condensing boilers on a system with cast iron radiators and pipes), the shoddy work during the 1994 building project, and the numerous issues we had due to the age of the system. In addition, I spent hundreds of hours away from work in order to deal with these issues, and got damned little tangible support for my efforts. Or, put in crass terms, I didn’t see Bob Malm anywhere around when the AES crew and I were on site at 11 PM on several Fridays replacing cast iron HVAC pipes that had rusted out. Yet Bob is the guy earning almost 200K a year; I was the volunteer.
  2. The commenter demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of commercial HVAC costing and pricing.
  3. Bob and others have absolutely no concept of what was involved when the outdoor loop to Merrow Hall ruptured, including safety requirements when excavating directly on top of a natural gas line and the building electrical service entrance. But then, given his disinterest in the details of the project, hardly a surprise.
  4. The vendor in question, AES, has an impeccable reputation, serving the Mt. Vernon estate, several highly classified locations, Fort Belvoir and numerous Episcopal churches. In addition, Tom, one of the owners, headed up the Fairfax County Office of HVAC licensing and is considered one of the best in the business.
  5. The prior vendor didn’t even do light commercial work and, inter alia, recommended dismantling the building control system, as it was unable to figure out how to service and maintain the system. In addition, bad moves on that vendor’s part, including opening the fresh air intakes wide open while running the HVAC, resulting in massive problems within the building, including condensation and leaks throughout the air handling system.
  6. AES dropped Grace as a client after a series of incidents, including one where the owners had made an appointment to brief Bob Malm on emerging issues with the church HVAC systems. When they got on site, however, Bob gave them the big brush-off—a gesture that was beyond rude. Additionally, the vendor had numerous negative experiences with members of the church office staff and others, and was unwilling to get involved after my successor decided to operate the closed loop without draining it following the pipeline rupture. As a result, sediment in the system caused numerous additional problems.
  7. I have alerted AES to the defamatory remarks posted earlier and told staff there that, if they want to subpoena the IP address and other relevant information needed to identify the poster and file suit for defamation, I am happy to be supportive.

Comments such as this show just how ugly, toxic and dysfunctional Grace Church truly is.