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Following Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s latest round of unprofessional and ethically questionable conduct I have decided to file an attorney disciplinary complaint against him. My hope it to have that done later today.

Among Jeff’s objectionable behaviors:
  1. His continuing use of inflammatory and prejudicial language in his pleadings 
  2. His dilatory behavior during discovery
  3. His possible use of the legal process to pursue a personal vendetta instead of legitimate ends
  4. His repeated mischaracterization of events
  5. His repeated efforts to deceive the courts by taking statements out of context
  6. His inclusion of fictional events in his pleadings, like a fictional church shooting in the equally fictional town of Sugarland Texas, and his reference to “#clearthepews,” a hashtag no one in this situation has used
  7. His childish and unprofessional behavior, including cursing at opposing counsel
  8. His knowing pursuit of various non-meritorious claims and defenses, including the so-called priest-penitent privilege
  9. His knowing efforts to suppress First Amendment-protected activity, including blogging
  10. His attempting to use the protective order process as a SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation)
  11. His withholding non-privileged material during discovery, including two emails between Dysfunctional Bob and City of Alexandria that I have obtained through other means; I believe I am about to obtain several more
While I am not sanguine about the possibilities of success, as disciplinary boards typically leave these matters to the tribunal to resolve, at a minimum filing a complaint puts the bar on notice that there are potential issues with a particular attorney.
Of course, as I have said many times on this blog, the real lesson to be learned from all these behaviors on Jeff’s part is that this is the sort of thing that is okay at St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Episcopal Church. Nor do you see any concern for others — it’s all about protecting an organization that doesn’t deserve protecting. In short, if you have to behave like Jeff Chiow and Dysfunctional Bob have behaved in this matter in order for the church to survive, then the church just needs to go away.
Needless to say, I don’t think Jeff adheres to any meaningful Christian perspective; my guess is that he wants his kids to grow up in a church. Why do I say that? Because Jesus reserved his choicest words for those who, like Jeff and Bob, have become stumbling blocks to the faith of others. And with at least three people having renounced the Christian faith due to their antics, both have a lot to answer for in that regard. (As a close family member once said, “See you in hell, Bob!” Or, to quote another, “With Christians like these asshats, who needs heathens?” LOL)
Grace Episcopal Church has become like the Catholic Church—morally bankrupt and focused solely on its own narcissistic organizational needs.