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One of the notable things in Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s requests for admission is that he asked me to admit that it was my intent to intimidate members of Grace Episcopal School when I posted a review on Google mentioning the connection to Dysfunctional Bob. Needless to say, I said no.

That said, there appears to be some serious collective paranoia, both at the school and the church. I guess neither organization has ever been involved in protesting social justice issues, as here is Head of School Patti Culbreth’s response to my protests. I mean, I am all for schools taking steps to promote security, but linking the issue to someone protesting the church is outlandish, at best. And, for the record,  security at the school and church remain wretched in multiple ways, including the fact that access to the building much of the time is controlled by persons who have no real connection with either the church or the school.
It’s also somewhat ironic—for years the church not only was largely indifferent to issues of security, but actively resisted efforts to improve. Indeed, officiating clergy didn’t even walk the building at lockup, as evinced by the Great Flood of December 2013, which destroyed much of the undercroft. Had the clergy who officiated at the 5 PM service—I believe it was Bob Malm—bothered to do so, they would have spotted the leak before it wrought its destruction.