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Here’s an interesting one—an email between Bob Malm and Dennis Andreas, Commander of the Patrol Support Division of the Alexandria Police Department.

Curiously, during discovery Bob was asked to provide copies of all relevant emails, but this wasn’t included. One wonders why that was. Could it be that Bob is not being honest? Did he withhold materials from discovery? What does that say about Bob’s integrity? Or attorney Jeff Chiow’s integrity?
It also doesn’t look like Jeff Chiow is doing a good job of communicating to his client that, once someone is no longer a member of the church, there is no intra-church privilege against defamation. That’s one thing about Bob—whether as a spectator at his son’s sporting events, or in his correspondence with public officials, it’s usually his big mouth that gets him in trouble.
Meanwhile, it’s good to see that the City of Alexandria provides free legal and tactical consulting to churches.