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Well, Bob Malm now will have to come up with additional names besides “dysfunction junction” to refer to locations where I protest. In addition to the locations in Arlington and my favorite – Quaker Lane and Braddock Road, which is a mega-intersection — I’ve found that the intersection of Braddock and Russell works quite well. While traffic is nowhere close to that of the Quaker Lane location, it’s close to several private schools, and gets a lot of traction from the neighbors, who are quite supportive. (Many thanks to the kind gentleman who brought me ice cold water on the 4th—much appreciated!) Photo below — and no, the cannon is neither a threat, nor intended as such.

It’s interesting, too, how clearly one sees what Planet Malm is really about when out protesting. Today, while in Del Ray, a well-known and ostensibly liberal member of the parish rolled past, making derisive gestures, while oblivious to the fact that such conduct reflects only on her and the parish.
So, if you’re thinking of getting involved at Grace, my advice is this. Ask people about me. Members of the vestry will even lie to you and tell you I resigned, which begs three questions: 1) If that was the case, why did Bob Malm feel it necessary to send me an email telling me I’d been removed from various roles in the parish ? 2) Do you know of other cases in which Bob has done this? 3) Why did Bob feel the need to include my husband Mike in his email, when all agree Mike had not discussed his membership with anyone?
Of course, that begs another, larger question: Do you really want to be part of a church in which the vestry lies to you? Or where people, including clergy, try to discredit others by claiming that they are mentally ill? Or where former wardens disclose confidential giving information? Or in which parishioners urge other people to commit suicide?
Does the phrase “toxic church” come to mind?