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One of the disturbing things about Grace Episcopal Church rector Bob Malm is that he claims that he is not ignoring his obligations as rector. That’s interesting, because he’s now been there more than 27 years—long enough to be in compliance with the requirements of church canons.

One canonical requirement is to adhere to the provisions of the “Manual of Business Methods” of The Episcopal Church, found, inter alia, at The Manual sets forth standards for effective management of church financial resources.

One of these standards is that all parishes must have a financial policies and procedures manual, as documented in the screen cap below. Yet Grace Church has no such manual.

After 27 years, there’s no excuse for Bob Malm not to have made this happen. Especially when he’s getting paid almost $200K a year, and pulling down a $100K bonus.

When was the last time you got a $100K bonus?