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As Bob Malm noisily tries to convince the fat cats at Mayo House and the Alexandria police department that I am mean, threatening and mentally ill, true to form he conveniently omits a salient fact, which is that in 2015 I offered to settle our differences. Through Jeff Chiow, Bob turned down my offer, yet now he angrily looks for a way to force an end to the dispute, which simply is not going to happen.

Specifically, shortly after Leslie Steffensen’s stupid and remarkably un-Christian response to my background check, my attorney contacted Bob and shared that we intended to file suit for defamation. We offered to drop the case if Bob agreed to two things:
  1. End his campaign of disparagement.
  2. Stop his interference with the practice of my faith.
Of course, both should be normative for clergy, but through Jeff Chiow, Bob rejected my offer. So, Bob now gets what he wanted, which is a continuation of the conflict.
So, next time Bob starts complaining about being “attacked,” about slander and defamation (he clearly does not know what the words mean), and carrying on about how the police should not permit people to criticize him, keep in mind that Bob chose for this conflict to continue. True to form, having made an arrogant, mean-spirited, reckless and really dumb choice, Bob now hopes to convince others to bail him out from his own stupidity.