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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

The litigation against perjuring priest Bob Malm continues.

Most recently, the church filed a motion to prevent discovery from Lisa Medley, aka the Princess Porcine; Anne Turner, the current rector of Grace Church; Patti Culbreth, whom perjuring Bob Malm named as a point of contact in his deceitful claims that the church and school were victims of “domestic terrorism;” Kelly “Motormouth” Gable, who claims that I embezzled money from a previous employer; Bishop Susan Goff, who has repeatedly refused to hold Malm accountable or follow church canons; and more.

I will be filing responsive pleadings later today.

Meanwhile, Wayne Cyron, attorney for Lindsey Malm Anders, continues to dry to stiff me on deposing Anders, on the basis that her baby has serious health defects. But given that Malm attempted to subpoena my mother, even as she was terminally ill, a baby with health issues should not be an impediment to a remote deposition.

Stay tuned!