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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Dying Church

I recently listened to Anne Turner’s sermon from January 9, 2022. While I like Anne, her sermon is a miss.


Theologically, it’s spot on. As the people of God, Christians are persons of community. If one suffers, all suffer. That’s important to remember in these difficult times.

The problem is that folks like Alison “Mary Sue” Campbell and others don’t believe it.

Thanks to 30 years of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s narcissism, they think church is a social club. Sort of like junior high school, where they can play the fat girl/mean girl games. As a result, they don’t see an issue with lying about someone, trying to cause problems for someone, or trying to force someone out of Grace church. Or, in the case of the Princess Porcine, Lisa Medley, and others leaving church and minutes later giving Jesus two middle fingers. Something about as you have done to the least of these….

So, kudos to Anne for trying, but she needs to understand that Bob Malm is nothing but pretty words. It’s his stock in trade. It’s all about looking a part, and playing a part. But there is no notion that you have to actually internalize those words and live by them.

In other words, Grace continues to slide towards oblivion. The church is nothing but a narcissistic construct in which people can feel good about themselves because they “did” church, handed out food at the food pantry, or any of the other fun and games that folks at Grace think justify their gossip and their childish, hateful games.