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After years of an unsustainable cost structure and shoddy workplace performance, Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, is shedding two more employees. The news follows the elimination of the full-time family ministries position.

Peter Hanke, parish administrator, is transitioning away from the parish, soon to be followed by associate rector Jason Roberson.

Hanke appears to have accomplished little during his time with the parish; numerous individuals have complained to me about not getting responses from him, including not getting added to email distribution lists. That said, he enjoyed walking his foo-foo dog during work, and spent lots of time taking photos of people exercising their First Amendment rights.

Similarly, Roberson talks a good game about the baptismal covenant and social justice, but the reality is he’s a milquetoast individual who, like many Episcopal clergy, is ineffectual and indifferent. Amusingly, he’s moving to a missioner position in Florida, which if it’s anything like his time at Grace Church, will be nothing more than a bunch of empty platitudes. My guess is he snagged the position through Leslie Steffensen, who has ties to the area.

The church also announced that it’s hiring the school’s facilities person, Ben Strohl, for ten hours a week as a contractor. That’s important, because heaven knows Pedro doesn’t do jack when it comes to repair. That said, since the school is not a separate legal entity, overtime will make this a costly proposition.