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Hiller Cove Faces Potential Harm from Malm Building Project

Perjuring priest Bob Malm, who recently requested a variance to locate a septic field closer to wetlands than normally allowed for new home construction, just got shut down by the neighbors.

At issue is Malm’s plan to build a home on a lot he and his sister own on Aucoot Road, located in Mattapoisett Massachusetts. The plan involves building on the south part of the seven-acre parcel, while leaving the rest for possible future development by family members. In order to do so, Malm would need to install a septic field less than 75 feet from the wetlands area.

Facing vociferous opposition from neighbors, Malm’s request was denied on the basis that no hardship exists.

Other aspects of the permitting process have been appealed to state regulatory agencies.

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