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August is coming, and with it the results of the annual parochial report. That spells bad news for Grace Episcopal Church, which remains mired in Sugarland. For those not familiar, that’s an imaginary location, dreamed up by Jeff Chiow, scene of an fictitious church shooting. It’s a place where priests like Bob Malm can commit perjury with impunity, where a church can try to drag a dying woman into court in violation of the law and not see a problem, where the church can lie, engage in smear campaigns and defamation, force others out of the Body of Christ, and even elect a liar and bully like Alison Campbell as junior warden.

Of course, stuff like that is fine at the cesspool known as Grace Church. In fact, perjuring priest Bob Malm even showed up to preach at Vi Legere’s memorial service, proof positive that clergy perjury remains welcome at Grace Church.

But August will reveal a baseline truth that is crushing Grace Church over time. That truth is that the rest of the word doesn’t think these things are fine. As a result, the church is in a dire way, even having cut the family ministries position. And more cuts are coming, as an increasingly elderly congregation dies and is not replaced by younger people.

So, I am licking my lips in eager anticipation of August, when the results of the annual parochial report go live. Stay tuned!