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Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Looks like there’s more going on behind the scenes at the Federal District Court for EDVA than just my appeal. According to PACER, the online reference system for the federal courts, the US Court of Appeals has notified the trial court that it has not ruled on all matters before it. That may include the Commonwealth of Virginia, since it has not even had a chance to respond.

Meanwhile, Matthew Youssef, attorney for Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, has motioned the court to include the church in the ruling. Oops. Gotta mention Perjury Central, for sure.

I’m headed over to EDVA to file some additional documents in a few minutes, to head to a business meeting, and then go to physical therapy. Yes, getting old stinks, but having the chance to stand up to perjuring priest Bob Malm makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

Check out PACER at,_Virginia_et_al