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Grace Episcopal Alexandria purveyor of disinformation

Mom absolutely loathed Donald Trump and the Q-Anon crowd. With that in mind, I wanted to reinforce what I posted yesterday, which is that Grace Episcopal Alexandria engages in exactly the same sort of disinformation campaign with its claims of domestic terrorism and more.

Of particular interest is Jake Chansley aka Jake Angeli, the so-called Q-Shaman, who at one point was seen on the Senate dais during the attempted coup. Jake has been active in the Q-Anon movement for some years and allegedly lost his father to suicide a few years ago, with some reporting that he has been “off” ever since.

Read more about the Q-Shaman and the perils of misinformation campaigns at

There also is a good op-ed on how Donald Trump’s misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric led to yesterday’s attempted coup and the damage caused by this rhetoric at